People call me Laki. I'm 22. I like architecture, photography and bicycling. Born in Belgrade and lived here ever since.

Belgrade is a capital of south-eastern Europe in many ways. It's my hometown that I love unconditionally. If coming here, be careful! You will easily fall in love. Only a nasty criticizing attitude can save you, but if you're like that, don't come. We like compliments.

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Tramways of Belgrade, newest versus the oldest

CAF, Spanish manufacturer;
model Urbos 3. Nicknamed Kafeni, Španac

CAF Urbos 3 for Belgrade, Serbia

Manufactured 2011, 30 trams will be delivered. Max speed 40km/h, length 32.3m, width 2.3m. It has a stainless aluminium body and fireproof interior made out of eco-friendly materials. Three bogies, four articulations.
It has 6 doors, out of which 2 are good for the disabled.
Passenger space is 77 seating and 91 standing. Seat configuration is 2x2. Salon is air-conditioned by 3 devices and features an info system with displays and sound, notifying about every stop, changes and terminals, time and interior temperature.
Price of one tram was €2.3 million.

ČKD Tatra, Czechoslovakian manufacturer;
model KT-4. Nicknamed Katica


Manufactured 1980 to 1997, 220 was delivered. Some are dumped, 30 are slightly modernized in 2002.
Max speed 65km/h, length 18.1m, width 2.2m. It has two bogies, one articulation and four doors.
Passenger space 105 standing and 26 seating. Seat configuration is 1x1. Only in some trams, salon features an info system with displays notifying about direction and time. In some trams, only operator cabin is air-conditioned.

P.S. We also own one Tatra T4.
P.P.S. In the meantime from 2001 and on, 30 used Duewag Be4/6 trams were given to Belgrade as a gift from the city of Basel, Switzerland.